Lialia (pronounced Lee-AHH-lia) - a cleverly crafted namesake line  from designers Julia and Natalia Alarcon. Founded by two sisters with  individual personalities, Lialia combines the harmonizing elements in the designers' names and shared creative vision to create a modern  interpretation of classic elegance. Cited by WWD as one of the top  emerging designers in 2008, Lialia designs are meticulously constructed creations designed from every angle. The designers' love of fashion, instilled at a young age by their  European mother, taught them to appreciate and value fine fabrics,  intricate  craftsmanship, and the importance of a properly placed  seam.  By fusing their Spanish heritage and professional experiences,  Lialia designers create versatile collections composed of day and  evening wear. Having studied at Parsons School of Design, under  Creative Assistant to Jean Paul Gaultier, Crstof Beaufays, as well as at  houses Oscar de la Renta, Phi, and Reyes, Lialia's collections are richly  detailed and impeccably tailored. Lialia's designs are sophisticated, feminine investment pieces that are  relevant, substantial, and of-the-moment, without being trendy. While  Lialia's design foundation is anchored in classic lines, their pieces are  thoroughly modern in their interpretation. As the line naturally evolves  with each collection, Lialia remains true to the ideal of feminine  sophistication whilst maintaining a fun, youthful element.  Lialia has also received positive reviews in the press, having been  featured in Women's Wear Daily, Glamour UK, Papierdoll, More,  Latina, Monocle, and Fashion Windows. Lialia was also selected as  one of Gen Art's "Fresh Faces in Fashion" - an honor which allowed  them to participate in a full runway show highlighting their third  collection to over 1,300 industry guests during New York's Spring 2009 Fashion Week. Lialia is a line which has evolved naturally as each of its two  designers' lives has changed, but has stayed true to its foundation.  As Natalia embarks on her new adventure of motherhood, Lialia's  Fall 2010 collection will mark the beginning of Julia's solo collection. As Julia says about her solo debut, "Lialia has always been my  dream and I have continued with the same ideals of feminine  sophistication and youthfulness". A fact that is evident as Lialia has,  once again, been chosen as one of Gen Art's Fresh Faces in Fashion,  this time being featured in a runway show at Miami's Fashion Week in March 2010.